The Shark Tank teams knows the value of a packaging graphic designer

If you are a fan of Shark Tank, like we are, than you know how disastrous painful it can be to watch contestants with pretty good ideas for consumer products get ripped apart because their packaging and branding design was an after thought.

Successful products spend money and time to get cohesive and effective branding design.  This includes a logo that is stands out, product labeling that stands out from the crowd and appealing product displays.Take a look at this example from Slawsa


Packaging graphic designer


The importance of good packaging graphic design.


Remember that your product will be on the shelves along side other similar products, or in a product listing page on eBay or Amazon.  Packaging design can make or break the success of your product AND repeat sales.Hiring a professional graphic designer with branding design experience to create your logo and packaging will put your product at a distinct advantage over other products.  Here are some of the services that a packaging graphic designer provide.


Branding design guidelinesA cohesive brand identity that has been thought out and communicates the value of the product.  These guidelines will drive every aspect of the your companies continued marketing and support your sales.

Logo Design

A good logo design will forever be your product identity.  While there are multiple ‘design bidding sites’, where you will get hundred different designs, a good logo isn’t just about an image.  There are marketing and brand proven concepts that only a experience brand designer can provide.  Even worse, these sites will provide you with a logo design that is Trademarked already and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit.


“Just Do It”, “It’s Not TV it’s HBO” these are examples of slogans that immediately remind you of their brands.  Putting a good slogan, to a well design logo will reinforce your brand and create awareness for your product.

Packaging Design

A packaging graphic designer is more than just taking your logo and slapping it onto some template.  Product packaging design is an extremely important aspect of communicating your brand.  There are so many elements to consider that unless you have spent years creating packaging design your are not providing your product with the best chance to succeed.Elements like color separation, focus and optical positioning, brand repetition and consistency just to name a few.Take it from the Shark Tank teams and give your product that extra boost for success by hiring a packaging graphic designer and refine your pitch.


Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion Story Behind The Poster

Photo Shoot and Poster Design

On Venice Beach, California the iconic poster for Romy and Michele's High School Reunion was born.

Each actor, Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow during a period of great brand identity came with their own audience draw.Sorvino won the 1995 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Mighty Aphrodite and Kudrow was on the amazingly popular TV Series Friends.

This is the Story Behind The Poster.

On location photo shoots can be difficult not only on the talent, but on the photographer, crew and the creative director overseeing the print marketing and branding design concepts.  The day of the photo shoot the production of Romy and Michele's High School Reunion were filming exteriors for Romy and Michele's apartment and the scene where they rush off to the reunion, well kinda.

 romy and michele

Sorvino and Kudrow were amazing
and worked hard to execute the creative director's concepts.  You have
to understand that often actors are working 12 - 18 hour days and a
photo shoot for marketing can be the last thing they want to do.  It
requires multiple costume changes, different make up and hair styles, in
addition to projecting the mood of the film (ie fun, serious,

All of this might sound fun, it can be exhausting.Throughout the photo shoot the actors were asked to pose in positions that were part of the initial branding design concepts.  To keep energy and spirits flowing, the creator director needs to provide clear direction and try to keep it fun.The final concept of the poster was not thought of before the photo shoot, but the creative director suggested the actors turn and hug each other, then kick up their heels. 

Good branding design doesn't come from Photoshop image layering, it comes from talented and highly trained creator directors who see what clients, graphic designers and others can't see in the moment.This was one of the last shots of the day and the actors kept their energy up and really delivered.

But now, it was time to assemble the poster.  Just getting the design of a poster can be a very long processes.  First, actors have the right to 'kill' certain images of themselves, then hundreds of branding design posters are mocked up from all of the photographic assets.The story behind the  poster is that it isn't a single photographic image. 

Perhaps you saw some of these subtle 'Hollywood Tricks' before, but here are a few insights.  Sorvino and Kudrow are different heights, so their standing legs had to be adjusted so that their bent legs would be parallel.  Each were given a little 'booty' enhancement to create a more kicky, fun feel to the image.  Face angles, reflections on costumers were all done at the direction of the creative director.

The results is a branding design that relays the fun of the movie.  Of course, the movie stands alone as one of the most hilarious thoughtful, touching and fan loved comedies of all time.